Beardon Sevrices is the proud parent company of  Juvo Web. Rooted in tradition, Juvo Web is defined by our reliable service and modern approach to web services. We have a 10-year successful record in web services such as hosting, design, and web development. We want to meet you where you are as a business, and create a solution that fulfills your needs. The word Juvo derives from the Latin verb "to help". You'll be surprised by what we can accomplish for you, and refreshed by our transparency and passion to see your project to completion. Our team has a diverse set of skills that is backed by individuals who love what they do.

Our Process

Needs Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of organizational needs, involving key stakeholders to identify specific challenges and requirements. This phase serves as the foundation for selecting an ERP system that aligns with the business objectives.


We meet with you for a free consultation to understand your needs, inspiration, vision, and mission.

ngoing Support and Optimization

Offer continuous support post-implementation to address any user concerns or technical issues. Regularly evaluate the performance of the ERP system, gather feedback from users, and make necessary adjustments. This ongoing process ensures that the ERP system remains aligned with evolving business needs and continues to deliver maximum value.