Top 5 Necessities for Your Companies Website


Hello there!

Just another great week happening here at Beardon Services—lots of work on the website for me, editing content and posting some new pictures for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully it’s looking good!

This week I thought we might take an in-depth look at what it takes to get more website views for your small business or growing company! The best content, usability, layouts, readability, and how getting your users familiar with your website can be beneficial for the longevity of the website and your company.

Starting off, it might also be beneficial to tell you that I’ve gathered this information myself from various websites and articles on the Internet and managed to form my own opinion on what I think would benefit websites today. My superiors have trained me to notice the good and bad in every website, but I thought sharing some of that information might be beneficial to the general public!

1. Content

When forming your new website or editing an existing one, it is a necessity for text to have some kind of foothold and influence on its readers. However, this content cannot just be random words trying to prove a point; it must be evocative, enticing, and all around able to keep your audience involved. You have a limited amount of time before the audience loses interest so keeping the content on target, concise, and capturing their interest from the start is extremely important. It is crucial for the content of your web page to be relevant to its topic and motivating your readers to deem your company as a respectable and renowned business. Should your text be misspelled, contain grammatical errors, or be difficult to read your web-page visitors may not have the highest opinion of you and your fellow employees.

2. Layout

Now that your content is legibly written and consists of important information regarding your company and its endeavors, it is important that the layout of each page is usable (we’ll get to that in a moment) and easy to understand for its users. Have you ever been to a website and it took ages for you to find the tab or web page you needed? Wasn’t that frustrating? Surely you can imagine what your users would be thinking if this were the case with your web-page. What’s the best solution to this issue? Ensure that your links are working efficiently, your layout is user-friendly and images are intriguing to the users.

3. Usability

Next, because your website is now seemingly flawless when it comes to appearance, we have to address the usability. This means, as mentioned previously, are your links working? Are your pictures loading quickly and with good quality? What about the overall accessibility of information on each page–for example your contact information, location, etc.? Without these things being readily addressed, your overall SEO rating (Search Engine Optimization) will be less than savory.


When your website has mastered all of these things, you will be sure to have a higher web presence and perhaps even a higher rate of business! I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy list and will give some feedback regarding your thoughts and other ideas for what a good website should include!

Until next time,