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Stillwater Life Services (SLS)

I wanted to write a short testimonial about our working relationship with Beardon Services, Inc. Stillwater Life Services (SLS) has had a working partnership with Beardon Services since 2010. They developed our SLS client website and managed the updates when needed. They have also provided backup for our network documents and provided IT management services when the network backup was not working or when we were adding a new computer to the network. I would give Beardon Services an A+ in their professional expertise and in their willingness to go the extra mile to provide the IT management services that assists us in our organization’s endeavor to help the clients we serve at SLS. We have much appreciated the great working relationship with Beardon Services, Inc.


Nile Abele
Executive Director
Stillwater Life Services

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Business Data Base System

IGSHPA, an outreach unit of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology at OSU, had been operating for the past 5+ years with an MS Access data base for all its membership business functions which included training records, membership levels and renewals, and all other supporting invoicing functions.  In recent years the system had become unstable and would not allow for the ever growing system demands of a complex international professional association.

Early in fiscal year 2016, Beardon Services, Inc was contacted to determine if a new system could be designed and implemented for IGSHPA to replace its aging system.  A review by IGSHPA determined that the system built by Beardon for the Fire Service Training unit at OSU was a close match in general functionality and it was determined that a retrofit of that system would serve IGSHPA well.

Jim Wirt and Aaron Bean met with the IGSHPA Staff to estimate a project to build and implement a new IGSHPA Data Base System.  The project with deliverables, cost and timing was presented to the IGSHPA staff which resulted in an approved project for the design and implementation of the IGSHPA Data Base System.

I am pleased to acknowledge that all phases of the project were done on time, within cost and with excellent results.  Aaron’s skills, commitment to the project, and working relationship with IGSHPA staff ensured total success for this project.

Thanks for a job well done.


Robert Ingersoll