Passing The Torch

First Day

That’s the first picture I ever took at my desk here, way back in May 2015, right after I settled in and put my decorations down. I remember feeling so strange, setting up at my own desk for the first time, putting up a photo and a few trinkets. By the end of that month, though, I felt right at home.

I thought I would open with something nostalgic to lighten the mood a bit. It’s a sad day at Beardon Services. At least, it is for me– I’m sure Tyson and James are at least a little relieved that they aren’t going to have quite as many nerf darts being flung in their general direction.

This’ll be my last post here. By the time it goes live, I’ll have already changed jobs, which is something that feels a little unreal. I’ll be settling in at Frontier Electronic Systems, starting my career as a computer engineer.

So where does that leave this blog? I’m not sure yet. I hope that one of my compatriots here at Beardon is up to the task of picking it up– finding the right words to express what we’ve done or are doing can be challenging. There might be a while until the next post, so bear with it, please.

It’s been an honor working here. In my past few posts, there was a glance at some of the truly amazing experiences I’ve had as a member of the staff– a Beardon Squirrel, if you will. The development of RoomPing was a great start into engineering, I gained some interesting web development experience with E6, and there’s tons of other stuff I didn’t get to talk about– like the dashboard that I worked on for a while, Dashbeard, because the humor around here is nothing if not punny, or the myriad of RFP (Request for Proposal) responses that I’ve crafted in the last few months.

I learned a lot about the business world, about how contracts are earned, and about how to write at a level that turns heads. I built a boilerplate with over forty pages of content to help Beardon team members remember what the company has achieved in the past, and designed a template for making the RFP response process easier. I’ve gained a lot of experience and grown as an engineer and person in the past year and a half.

More than anything, I’ve learned how to be a professional. Teamwork, cooperation, independence, pride in one’s work, all things necessary to tackle the working world as an adult. I’ll miss this place. I’ll miss my desk, my friends, knowing right where to go and what to do, but part of going through life is making leaps of faith. I think I’ve got to take this step forward.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a Beardon employee, I want you to know how truly great the people here are. Every single person, from developer to manager to fellow intern, really makes me feel human. From hanging around the table catching up on life events, to teaming up, conquering problems I’d never dreamed I’d be able to take on, and everything between, I’ve never worked with a group of people who made me feel more like family.

If you are a Beardonite… thanks, guys. Thanks for all the talks and wisdom. Thanks for hanging out with me, discussing programming, web design, videogames and life. Since I joined the crew, I’ve become a fledgling engineer, survived the last year of college as a computer engineer, and gotten married– and you all shared those experiences with me. Remember that every intern that filters through, whether they’re here for six months or six years, looks up to you guys for guidance and support. Give them all a little piece of yourselves and they’ll carry it with them for the rest of their career.

I’ll end this on something of a contemplative note. I’ve already cleared off a lot of my desk decorations, taken them home to make the move out easier, but some things are still around– so I took a picture to mark the occasion. I even went ahead and changed my desktop backgrounds to what they were back then, for a little perspective.Some things look the same– the photo of my now-wife, the figure of a gaming character I’m fond of, but it all feels very different to me now. I’ve grown up a little bit here. The chair is at just the right height and slant, the figure and photo are something I’m so familiar with I don’t know how I’ll manage without them sitting right in front of me.

Last Day

Thanks for reading what I had to say, everyone. I would have loved to stick around and continue writing for you, but I’m going to move towards what I think might be the next step in my life. Take care of yourselves!