Ninja Ag

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Custom software that allows users to upload images to obtain crop analysis

NinjaAg is a high tech precision agriculture startup innovator.  NinjaAg brought an idea and academic research to Beardon.  Beardon brought experience and technical expertise to NinjaAg.  Beardon developed and implemented API stacks, integration stacks, data storage elements, and a cloud architecture to provide the cutting edge application that enables NinjaAg to make a significant impact within the precision agriculture landscape.  As new agriculture research unfolds additional tools for growers, NinjaAg is well positioned to offer those services to agriculture producers around the world.


The synergy between the NinjaAg team and the Beardon team was quick to develop.  Our goal is to become involved in and invested in the best interests of each of our clients.


Precision Agriculture


Web Development

API Integration

Software Development

Database Design

User Interface Design