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Lunch Packing, Pt. III

Hey there!

We’re back again for Part Three of Lunch Packing. I’ve missed one or two, but hopefully I can make up for those by giving you some funny pictures of the team in action.

So, as you may know from previous blog posts, Beardon Services really enjoys giving back to the community and reaching out to those that may be less fortunate when it comes to something most of us might take for granted–food and drink. While it might be easy to see everyone as taken care of here in America, the land of prosperous generosity and fast food at quite literally every corner. That might be true in some respects, that food is in abundance here, but some people can’t afford a loaf of bread or a decent meal in the evenings. Beardon is helping make that possible, little by little, with help from local churches.

We spent this afternoon packing lunches for kids that may not have any for the day, or even the week. It is our genuine pleasure to help and care for those around us, and Beardon is run the exact same way. We care for our employees and cater to their needs because we each serve one another, helping achieve success in whatever way possible.

Enough with the cheesy-ness. Here’s some fun pictures of the team doing some work!

(Above) We’ve got all of the food laid out and organized to make sure we’re packing efficiently and not missing anything in each sack! That conference table downstairs sure comes in handy for anything from eating pizza at Monthly Meetings to packing lunches for hungry kids!

Another side shot of all the food. I love Yoo-hoo so you can imagine how hard it was to resist snagging one when we were finished 😉 Just kidding!

There’s some good teamwork, Martin! He put the Uncrustable PB&J’s in the bags on our way to Veronica, who checks each sack and makes sure we’ve got everything. For some reason, spoons seemed to be hard for me to remember. Good luck eating that pudding without one!

Just messin’ with ya. Here’s Veronica…probably putting a spoon in there that I forgot!

Had to take an artsy photo of all the food. It failed. Although I did manage to get Jonathan on camera messing with his hair!

Look at that smile! There’s Harley, our new intern, Daniel looking like he wants to kill someone as usual (haha!), and Jim hard at work bagging cereal in the background! Nice OSU shirt, boss!

After packing up lunches, of course we had to keep having fun, so I challenged the boss man to a good ole game of ping-pong… I got beat. Really bad.

Then Daniel stepped up and won. Show off.. 🙂


After getting beat by my boss at ping-pong, packing lunches for hungry kids, and having an awesome job to come to everyday, it really is safe to say I’ve had a great start to winter break. Feel free to like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep reading the blog to stay up to date on all things Beardon Services!

Until next time,