Fire Protection Publications

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Delivery of printed and electronic training materials

With nearly 200,000 customers, Fire Protection Publications is the largest publisher of training materials in the world.  Beardon has provided IT support services to FPP for more than 30 years and has been a primary enabler of pivoting from a printed form product base to a growing electronically  delivered product model.  Online elearning, eCommerce, API development, mobile application management, and ERP solutions have all been a portion of the services Beardon has created for FPP.  We’ve designed and implemented a professional datacenter that is designed to meet FPP's needs for quick and dependable services.  We are proud of the ways we’ve been able to enable FPP to maintain their role as the leader in providing certified and current materials for training in this important field.




IT Consulting


API Development

ERP Implementation and Customization