Flavor Tripping

This time I’m going to talk about a company event that we’ve colorfully dubbed ‘Flavor Tripping’. It was originally a one-time thing, some little office event, but it was successful enough to become a yearly project.

Check out the food on this table. Vinegar, sriracha sauce, lemons and limes, mustard, spicy pickles.


Not the kind of stuff I would personally eat straight. Nobody I know would enjoy eating a lemon or lime like an orange. But there’s something neat one of us found a long time ago, called Miracle Berry.


This stuff is advertised as making ‘sour foods taste sweet’. For the price, it made a great conversation topic. No matter what we ate, it didn’t taste ‘bad’– in fact, almost all of it tasted delicious. My personal favorite were the limes, but the lemons were pretty amazing, too. Every bite was like the best lemonade I’ve ever had. Here’s a shot of me about to bite into one– forewarning, don’t eat too many, because when the Miracle Berry wears off the citric acid is still around.


In this one, Nick is trying out some anise extract. It’s a licorice-like flavor, I think, very potent. I had some too, and in my experience, it ended with a wax-like feeling. Nothing tasted quite right afterwards for a little while, like there was a coating between the food and my tongue.


We even got Jim involved. Here’s a blurry picture of him eating what I think is a blood orange, it’s hard to tell because of the camera work. Sorry about that one! We’re still getting the hang of the camera.


Behind him is the Mountain Dew tree. We assembled it a long time ago out of the leftover boxes from Mountain Dew 12-packs, and tried to get one of every flavor that we could find– I can see Throwback, Black Label, White Out, Live Wire, and Game Fuel from here. It’s been somewhat of a monument around the office. That’s a story for another time, though!

Here’s Aaron about to try out some sriracha sauce. I don’t know that I could stomach it, personally. I think Mike’s telling him in this shot that it’s a bad idea…



But then he does it anyway, of course.



I had to stop for a moment after eating a whole lemon, because my throat started to burn. Turns out the Miracle Berry tablets only affect your tongue. Definitely something to keep in mind– lemons and limes are delicious after taking one, but it’s a lot of acid. My lips tingled, too.


We also tried some blood oranges. First we had a slice before taking the tablets, then we had one after. To me, they tasted pretty bitter by themselves. I don’t like oranges that much, so a more bitter version really wasn’t doing anything for me– they did have a nicer texture, though. With the tablets, they were sweet as could be, and went down a whole lot smoother.


Overall, I think the whole thing was a great experience. I’m trying to get the guys in the office to do another one for the newer interns, since they missed out on it– and I’d really like an excuse to eat another lime or two. I encourage trying the Miracle Berry tablets out, especially with friends, and trying a whole lot of crazy foods. Lemon juice is pretty tasty, in my opinion. I’ll put in one last shot of (most of) the whole gang, just to close this post off on a high note…

DSC02127 cropped