Our Team


At Beardon, we value our relationships our clients. Below are a handful of the great people we’ve had the opportunity to work with.


Oklahoma State University – Physical Plant

Oklahoma State University’s Physical Plant was in need of a custom software package, including a core application for its inventory tracking and a system for job costs, time in attendance, and work order management. Beardon provided all of this, as well as maintenance, serving over 700 employees in ten campus locations. The software Beardon provided was comprised of over 100,000 lines of code and was used as their central application from 1987 through 2013.

Fire Service Training

Beardon created the core application, called MyFST, for Fire Service Training (FST), a state agency for all of Oklahoma. The software was developed ten years ago and is still in use today. This customized software gives emergency response instructors across the state of Oklahoma remote access to an integrated database which is designed to track upcoming events, classes, and schedules, as well as key details like addresses and descriptions. They can also download rosters and track those progressing through the training material.  Users, typically students in FST, can register for these events and receive updates and notifications as changes occur and dates approach.

In response to our work, Beardon was asked to testify before the Oklahoma House of Representatives regarding our use of open-source software as a productivity aid for state agencies. The only other two companies to testify were Google and Microsoft.

The MyFST product was so successful we have provided the same solution to International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC), Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) and International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA).

Alongside the application, we also built their website (osufst.org) using a fully-customized version of the Joomla, CMS which is used by over 100,000 students. This site allows them to make real-time changes to their training information that is accessed by staff or students. We also developed and implemented their office’s network infrastructure.


Fire Protection Publications

Beardon Services has designed and implemented several systems for Fire Protection Publications (FPP), the official publishing company for IFSTA-approved training documentation. As a major provider to FPP for over twenty years, we have developed, provided, and participated in a wide range of projects from software engineering and web development to network support, hosting, e-learning, and enterprise resource planning.

For over fifteen years we have served as FPP’s network architect and manager. FPP has branches across the nation that need to run on a multiplatform environment and Beardon provides the infrastructure that keeps this environment running.

Beardon has set up and maintained a variety of hosting machines for FPP, including the physical servers, network hardware and the VMWare environment. Beardon is largely responsible for the upkeep and hosting of FPP.

Beardon also worked on thirteen separate web-based courses for FPP. Each course contains over a thousand pages of multimedia content. One of these projects was the development of an e-learning system that was part of a cooperative project between the U.S. Air Force and FPP. The U.S. Air Force spent over a million dollars to make the courses, but were unable to succeed in making them SCORM compliant. Beardon was able to deconstruct their course and rebuild it from the original raw file to accomplish this task. Additionally, Beardon offers ongoing support for FPP’s Resource One on a Moodle e-learning platform and built its homepage from scratch.

Beardon also designed a web-based tool called MEMSB, which is used by their instructional designers to collaborate on training materials. Our IFSTA Authentication app works in tandem, providing authentication across all of IFSTA’s online apps. Beardon also supplies the online platform that FPP uses to run their Resource One e-learning course.

Beardon built and manages the IFSTA Shop which was built with the Drupal platform. Since Drupal is open source, we were able to build a custom theme and several custom modules to meet FPP’s need to integrate with FPP’s in-house xTuple Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP). Beardon customized and continues to maintain the xTuple system, providing updates, patches, and fixes to keep the e-commerce website up and running.



Initially, Beardon Services was hired to provide KICKER with a Netware server and bring together its office network. Following that, Beardon was asked to develop a software package handling shipping and order fulfillment needs. As KICKER went through explosive growth, that project expanded into an inventory management, customer/order entry and reporting system that provided connectivity to offices in Las Vegas and Pennsylvania. It remained their core application for eleven years.


Doug Carson Associates

As a global leader in the technology behind writing optical disc media, DCA needed a strong IT infrastructure. They sought out Beardon Services and hired us to perform an analysis of their existing structure, which had become stressed in the company’s growth. DCA then used that analysis and our advice to make further growth decisions.


Ansr Audio

Located in Powderly, TX, Ansr Audio is a small company built to manufacture and sell audio devices like microphones and transmitters. Beardon used xTuple to replace their previous ERP system, which tracks their orders and shipment status. Presently, Beardon provides support to the system on an as-needed basis.


Sylvan Learning Center

The Sylvan Learning Center’s Stillwater campus and office buildings were in need of a network. Beardon designed, installed and set up a LAN for both. This provided internet capabilities office and campus-wide via DSL connection. Presently, ongoing support is provided to Sylvan as needed.


Mercury Marine

Beardon Services provided consulting for a document management system on Mercury Marine’s owner’s manual system. The goal was to form a system for transcribing the manuals from their loose-bound form into a digital format. We performed a feasibility analysis, supplied external consulting, and offered options and pricing.

American Coupon Company

Beardon wrote the software that American Coupon Company used to print loan books. This system printed millions of books per year for 5,000 different financial institutions. In addition to the software solution, Beardon was the sole provider of their IT consulting needs. ACC was eventually bought out for 5 million dollars by a large national company.


Family Resource Information, Education and Network Development Service (FRIENDS)

Beardon provided FRIENDS with an e-course and assisted with their website (www.friendsnrc.org). The e-course provides training and technical assistance to CBCAP State Lead Agencies to build skills in the full array of CBCAP program requirements, including outcome accountability, data utilization, parent leadership, evidence-based and evidence-informed practices, program assessment, logic models, collaboration, and system change.