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Making Your Employees Feel Valued

OUR SERVICES Hey, it's me again! Glad you're back for another blog post from yours truly. It's been a crazy couple of weeks for us here at Beardon--lots of site launching for the developers and, in preparation of the coming months, a lot of file organization for me. However, I'm taking time today to pay tribute, in a pretty typical blog post kind of way, to the many ways that Beardon makes us all feel valued. Today is going to be labeled... 3 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued The following is a list of things I feel that … Continue reading

Lunch Packing, Pt. III

Hey there! We’re back again for Part Three of Lunch Packing. I’ve missed one or two, but hopefully I can make up for those by giving you some funny pictures of the team in action. So, as you may know from previous blog posts, Beardon Services really enjoys giving back to the community and reaching out to those that may be less fortunate when it comes to something most of us might take for granted–food and drink. While it might be easy to see everyone as taken care of here in America, the land of prosperous generosity and fast food … Continue reading

“What do you do?”

Back again, Cowboys! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! It’s pretty windy here in Stillwater, Oklahoma and you can hardly walk outside without being nearly ripped off the ground! I think fall is finally here! The past couple of months here at Beardon have been pretty exhilarating, but definitely good ones for the team–we won our softball tournament championship a few weeks ago, got accepted on several RFP Responses, and everyone is hard at work on their respective projects. Along with positivity, we’ve gained a team member! His name is Harley Rhodes and he’s our new Marketing and Sales Intern. We’re … Continue reading

Apple v.s. Microsoft?

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin Hello! Been awhile, huh? Things have been crazy here at Beardon Services; plenty of Request for Proposal Responses keeping me busy, lots of projects for everyone else, and hundreds of Sonic drinks to keep us all “hydrated.” This week has been pretty great, though, and it’s hard to believe it’s already coming to a close. With the conclusion of the week, though, I thought I might try my hand at a little criticism, pros and cons, kind of blog post.  I’ll be discussing Apple v.s. Microsoft‒a seemingly age-old … Continue reading

Lunch Packing, Part II

Hey there, readers! My name is Kaitlyn Nathman and I’m the new Technical Writing intern for Beardon Services. I’ll be writing the posts for this blog, as the previous intern has moved on in his career! Best of luck, Christian 🙂 Here’s me, you can call me “Katie,” wearing my stripey pants… You’ll soon find that I love stripes and super hipster clothes. It’s interesting starting a new job, not knowing anyone or anything about your job; What you’ll be doing daily, the conversations you’ll have and places you’ll be going, filling the shoes (and seat) of the guy or … Continue reading

Lunch Packing

At Beardon, we’re really into community responsibility. A lot of us are from this area, and see it every day– when we drive to work, when we shop, when we’re out on the town. As such, we see the world we live in through the eyes of people, not just the lens of a business. Sometimes we see people in need, and band together as a sort of family to help out when we can. Our company likes to rally up and take part in organized community service projects. Because of that, we’ve got a lot of small non-profit and … Continue reading

RoomPing, Part Two

Last time I wrote, we talked about Beardon’s first foray into the world of hardware development. I went over the way the idea started and the early development phases it went through, as well as the decisions that were made regarding where to take it going forward. Now I’m going to walk through the later stages, and talk about the device itself a little more. We decided it would be suitable to approach the project like we were designing a simple monitoring device, built with features that a more casual user might want. Perhaps the user would want to know … Continue reading

RoomPing, Part One

Hey, everyone! This time around I’m going to talk about a project that I had a little more involvement in than E6. Meet RoomPing, a home monitoring device cooked up by one of our student workers, Nick Overacker, and developed jointly between him and yours truly. RoomPing is Beardon’s first experiment with hardware development. At our last location, the office bathroom was downstairs from the office itself, and was only built for one. This meant often going down a flight of stairs only to find the door locked and the room occupied. Nick had reached the point where frustration sparks … Continue reading

Welcome to Beardon Worldwide Headquarters

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.” -Andrew Sullivan Hi there! My name is Christian Coffield. I’m a computer engineering intern at a company called Beardon Services. We’re a small software consulting company based in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I’ve personally been  here for just over a year, now, working on a bunch of projects that I’ll talk about in future posts. For now, though, I’d like to show you the office. Over there is where the big leagues are. Starting from the … Continue reading