Our Team

Welcome to Beardon Worldwide Headquarters

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.”

-Andrew Sullivan

Hi there! My name is Christian Coffield. I’m a computer engineering intern at a company called Beardon Services.

We’re a small software consulting company based in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I’ve personally been  here for just over a year, now, working on a bunch of projects that I’ll talk about in future posts. For now, though, I’d like to show you the office.


Over there is where the big leagues are. Starting from the left, you’ve got Martin, one of our senior developers. Behind him is Tyson, a developer and native Australian. In the space next to him is Veronica, another developer, and next to her is Aaron, our development director. Not pictured is Mike, a consultant who works remotely with one of our biggest clients. In the middle there’s the table we tend to gather around to chat about projects, have a snack (anything on the table is up for grabs) and catch up with our coworkers. In the bucket down on the floor is our Nerf arsenal. It’s recommended that all employees pick one up and keep it safely near their desk. Sometimes Tyson goes rogue. Often, I take a shot at him whenever things get too quiet.

This is Jim, our CEO and founder. He’s a good guy, very family oriented. He treats all of us like a second family, too– invites us over for dinner, holds a small gathering every other Monday at his house where we’re welcome to share a meal between friends, build relationships and offer our thoughts about the world, technical and otherwise. To his right is Daniel, who’s the human resources guy around the office; his title is ‘administrative director’, but he does a lot of the paperwork and accounting that the programmers and engineers aren’t very good at.

Then there’s where I’m at, on the other side of the train tracks. This is where the interns tend to work. I use the word ‘intern’ a little loosely… Junior developers is a little more apt. We work on the same kind of stuff as the full timers, just with a little bit of guidance from time to time. Because we’re so close to the university, we get a lot of up-and-coming college students looking to gain some experience while studying towards their degree. I really like working here, because I feel like I’m actually making something worthwhile. Got a neat home monitoring project that I’ve helped manage to show off, too. More on that later, though, wouldn’t want to cram the introduction with tech stuff!

Last thing, we just expanded into the office space next to the one we’ve been in. It’s pretty exciting stuff for all of us here, because it opens up room for new opportunities and employees.

This is where Daniel works, as well as a few of our interns. There was a wall separating the two rooms, but we recently had it taken down. Now that it’s done, we have one big, open space to work with each other. Mike is here today, too; usually he’s stationed remotely but sometimes we get to see him at HQ.

You can read more about the Beardonians at our Meet the Team page, if you’re interested. There’s more information on everyone there, including a handful of employees I didn’t mention.

Hopefully I managed to give a bit of insight on what our office environment is like. It’s really hard to describe in words, so I tried to take some good pictures. We work in a kind of bull-pen environment, as you can see. No private offices, no walls separating us. Everyone talks to each other, and we’re all pretty good friends. I’ll talk more about the others in future posts, I’m sure.

Now to get down to the whole blogging thing. We as a company want to be more involved with our community, and I proposed this blog. We feel it’ll be a good way to talk about a lot of stuff that matters to us as a company. Things like our ongoing projects, stuff in the technology world we think is intriguing or important, events like charity drives and get togethers, and talk about some of our past works.  The next update will feature something Beardon Services is pretty proud of. We’ll talk about it further in the future.

I plan to keep this place pretty updated. We’re hoping to post something every two weeks, unless something comes up. I’ve never managed a blog before, so if there’s something I’m doing right (or wrong!) please let me know. I’m very open to suggestions, and would love to talk about things like the company or our projects.

Welcome to Beardon Services. I hope you enjoyed the office tour. Next update I’ll talk about something I’ve worked on in the past, so I’ll try to keep it interesting.